Neglecting much needed roof repairs or a new roof install altogether could be very costly and put your property and your loved ones in danger. Knowing the signs of wear and tear will save you a fortune down the road and can help you increase your property value, if you installed a new roof on your home. So here the top things to look for when trying to decide if your home should be fitted with a new roof: 

  • One major sign that you need a new roof is major or extreme granular loss, which can be seen from the ground. Granular loss is when the granules or little pebbles which make up the shingles are falling off. 


  • Another sign that means you are possibly in need of a new roof, or roof repair at the very least, is if you have missing shingles. More often than not, if you can see two or three missing shingles from the ground, there is a strong possibility that there are more damaged shingles that have not fallen off the roof yet.


  • A more noticeable red flag that may catch your attention a lot quicker is if you start to notice brown tea or coffee like stains in the ceiling of the upper level of the home. These signs are common when there is a roof leak or an issue with the HVAC system.  

If your roof is at least 20 years of age, then we highly recommend having it inspected, as most roofs start to show damage around 10 to 15 years of age. Contact the roofing experts at Famous Roofing & Solutions today if you think you’re in need of a roof replacement!