What is Included in a Storm Damage Evaluation?

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Here in North Carolina, we are no strangers to stormy weather, but that also means our roofs are familiar with bad storms as well. When your roof has weathered a bad storm, it is best to have it checked out for any signs of damage or needs for repairs or replacements.

What is Included in a Storm Damage Evaluation?

We at Famous Roofing & Solutions are happy to offer our storm damage evaluation services. Here is what is included in a typical evaluation:

  • No area left unexamined: With our storm damage evaluations, we are sure to thoroughly examine and inspect every inch of your roof and siding to check for wind or water damage, weak points, or otherwise. You can trust us not to cut corners during the evaluation or leave a single spot of the exterior of your home forgotten.
  • Recommendations for action: Our storm damage evaluation will also include giving you recommendations on what to do next. We will be honest with you in our explanation of your situation and help you decide whether repairs or replacement might be necessary. We will offer our roofing and siding services, but you are not obligated to choose us for your repairs.
  • Work with the insurance company: If storm damage is covered by your insurance policy, we can work with your insurance company to get coverage for any necessary repairs or replacement.

We understand that storms can cause some scary situations with your roof, but we are here to help with our storm damage evaluation services. Give us a call if you would like to learn more or schedule our services today.