When is it Time for a Gutter Replacement?

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How long have you had your current gutter system? Gutters can last a very long time, especially if you prioritize proper gutter maintenance, but if your gutter system is decades old and you haven’t kept up with it, you may need a gutter replacement.

When is it Time for a Gutter Replacement?

In addition to old age, there are many different signs that you may need a gutter replacement service. Here are a few of them.

  • Overflowing water. Your gutters are supposed to redirect water through the downspout. Any water that overflows out of this system means there’s a potential issue with your gutters, and this should be checked out to determine the cause.
  • Water damage. One of the biggest reasons you have a gutter system installed on your home is to prevent water damage, so if there are signs of this type of damage, such as discoloration around your home’s exterior, you may need a gutter replacement as your current gutters aren’t doing their job.
  • Gaps and sagging. If your gutters have gaps in them or they’re sagging, that means there’s probably an issue with the gutter brackets or your gutters are simply too old or damaged to hold up any longer and will be unable to redirect water properly next time it rains.

It’s important that you replace damaged or faulty gutters as soon as possible to help you prevent any property damage. If you need a quality gutter replacement service, reach out to us here at Famous Roofing & Solutions today.